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If you would have asked me about my story a couple of years ago, I would never have given full disclosure. I was ashamed. I didn't want to admit that I really struggled with my relationship with food and my body. So it is hard to put myself out there and tell you where I have come from. But if my story can help one person, whether it's to lose weight, gain weight, boost confidence, improve their nutrition, build a business, or all of the above...then I've done the right thing! So here it is...the story of how I got here!!

From when I was young, I was always OBSESSED with the human body. It started with my fascination with watching TLC programs that focused on surgery (yes, back when TLC wasn't just a reality show network!). I was most intrigued by episodes that were centered on plastic surgery. There was something about watching men and women transform their bodies which blew my mind. And it wasn't long before I became obsessed with my own body and creating my own transformation.

When I reached my early teens, I was very aware that I was growing, but not in the direction I would have preferred. I was growing out and not up! I was an emotional eater who was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. When I was sad, I ate. When I was stressed, I ate. 99% of the time, I was sad or stressed due to how I looked. So there was an endless cycle of emotional eating and getting emotional about it!

One of my favorite binge foods was bread. I was so addicted to bread that I could put down nearly an entire loaf in one sitting. I would toast two pieces at a time, slather it with butter and generously "sprinkle" on the cinnamon and sugar. I may or may not have included an extra spoonful of sugar directly into my mouth while preparing my un-balanced breakfast. But bread wasn't my only vice. I loved eating bags of Jolly Ranchers, entire boxes Boston Cream Rolls, Double Decker Moon Pies, and rows of Double Stuffed Oreo cookies.

I was able to keep that streak alive until the time I was 15. I mysteriously became ill one morning and
every morning there after for over a year. I would wake up and instantly have the urge to throw up. So I was repulsed by food. If I ate, I normally threw it up. The only food that I managed to keep down was dinner. Doctor's said it could have been an ulcer or anxiety, but it was never really confirmed. One day, I magically woke up and was fine! So we never kept digging to find out the cause. But as a result of being so sick, I lost about 30-40 pounds.

Though the weight dropped, I still did not learn proper eating habits. I never full-on binged like I had when I was younger, but I still had not taken on a more nutritious lifestyle. So the weight began to come back. Enter Taco Bell runs, gas station food, ice cream, buffets, was a frequent occurrence. But gaining the weight back terrified me. So I cut myself off from food. I resorted to an eating disorder.

Like I said, I was obsessed with my body. I wanted to maintain my transformation just like those I had seen on TV. So I became very restrictive on my caloric intake and lost the weight I started gaining back...and it went way beyond that. The lowest weight I recalled seeing on the scale was 95 pounds. But it wasn't just the number that was scary. I was weak. I would frequently get lightheaded. I remember having to lay down in the dirt on my family's farm in a cold sweat because I didn't have the strength to move.

The eating disorder lasted until I turned 20, when my boyfriend of nearly 2 years was killed in a car accident. Steve and I had argued about ice cream the day of his death. I was craving ice cream and he only had butter pecan which, to me, had way too many calories. So I was insistent upon going out to get a sugar free or low fat option. After I indulged in my snack and I went home, I found out that he was killed about 2 hours later.

Because I never wanted to allow my selfish needs impact any of my future relationships, I made it a point to beat my eating disorder. I slowly introduced the 6 meals a day plan, started researching ways of boosting my metabolism, and took on some exercise programs like Hip Hop Abs, 10 Minute Trainer, and P90X. I even began a running program that got me up to a 5k distance! But it went way beyond that! Over the past several years, I went from running 5ks to participating in half marathons and full marathons. I even competed in the JFK 50 Miler in 2015. I don't think I could have EVER done that on less than 1000 calories per day!

Still, I continued to struggle with my eating. I had a deep-rooted issue with food. As a runner, I thought I could basically eat what I wanted without any repercussions because I could just run it off. I treated running as a "get out of jail free" card. But it wasn't. In late 2015, my sugary pleasures began to spark concerns. Anytime I would have a treat, like Pop-Tarts for example, my heart would begin to race. I was certain I was well on my way to diabetes. So after the holidays passed, I made a commitment to clean eating in conjunction with a cross training program.

Insert Beachbody on Demand.

After creating a clean meal plan from several online blogs, I added P90X3 to my workout routine. Though I was training for a marathon, I thought cross-training with P90X3 and switching the cardio days out with my training runs would help prevent my burnout. I started by using the BOD 30 day trial and was instantly hooked. I thought that for once, I would actually finish one of these 90 day programs! Especially since the results within 30 days were awesome! My bloat died out, my muscle size increase and more importantly, I felt better than ever.

I wasn't even finished with the program before I decided to become a coach. I never knew exactly how bad I felt until I felt better. I went from being overweight, to underweight, to skinny-fat and now...I finally feel like I'm on my right path. I'm more energetic. My running has improved. My body looks/feels better than ever. I'm more confident than I ever thought possible. I have beat depression. My anxiety has decreased. The list is continuous!!! And I want to show people just how much they can improve in their lives by just making adjustments to their lifestyle! You can change so much in your life by improving your health and fitness...not just your body!

I feel l like I've done a complete 180 and am finally going in the right direction. I'm not only doing what I love every day, but achieving goals that I never once thought possible!!! And now...I can help people do the same because I have been there, done that! I can literally live the life I have always wanted to and invite people to do the same!

If you related to ANY part of this story or are curious about this job opportunity, PLEASE reach out to me OR fill out this application. I would love to help you change your life! It is MY MISSION to help women overcome struggles, find their confidence and BUILD their dream life!

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