I am presently jazzed up on Cafe Latte Shakeology!!! It is only because I mixed with two servings of black iced coffee. You can only imagine the AHHH I am feeling right now. Unless of course you have done this before. Probably not my greatest idea in the world, but it was REALLY GOOD! I have also been told coffee is great when mixed with the chocolate ShakeO as well. May have to try that!

Anyway, my friends, I have been so ecstatic about life that I was distracted from blogging. As you could see, I made Peter do a race recap of the marathon we ran! I was just all over the place with my current workout schedule!

So, as you may have read, the marathon was a success! Though training had it's ups and downs, we managed to conquer the race without much downtime! It was probably the easiest marathon I ever ran so far. I literally smiled the entire way despite some groin pain that came around mile 18.

Even so, I went running right the next day. In fact, Peter and I had a pretty good running streak going on after the race! It wasn't until this week I decided to take several days off from running. My body was tired of running and I wanted to respect that by resting from it!

For the last week though, I did stick with my yoga and P90X3 workouts...which HOORAY! I just finished my 90 days the other night! I am so proud of myself for making it through!

 Here's the result!

Total Inches Lost = 2 inches
Weight = Gained 3 pounds

For me, 2 inches is a BIG DEAL. I didn't expect to lose any inches at all since I feel I am already pretty tiny, but it happened! As for my weight, I think it was a combination of muscle gain and water weight. I am coming up on that time of the month.

I am taking today and tomorrow off from any workouts (minus some easy yoga) and getting back on workouts Sunday. I am starting the newest Beachbody Program: 22 Minute Hard Corps. I am going to do the calendar as laid out,with a little running here and there. I don't want to lose my running fitness, especially when I have a relay race at the end of the month! Can't let my team down! But still, I really want to do some other workouts than just running right now. I feel like my running muscles are exhausted and I need to focus on other aspects of fitness. P90X3 did that, but I want to submerse myself fully into this new program!

After seeing my body change with P90X3, I am so amped to take on this new workout (maybe it's the crazy amounts of caffeine that I have had!). I will be updating my Instagram (runfrecklesrun) and snapchat (runfrecklesrun) with my progress, so make sure to follow me there if I don't get around to the blog!!

***If you want to learn more about P90X3, please email me at runfrecklesrun@gmail.com***

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