22 Minute Hard Corps: Day 1

Greetings, my friends! Happy Sunday!

This morning I began my next adventure with the Beachbody world. I started their newest fitness program, 22 Minute Hard Corps. Just as the name tells you, this is a 22 minute workout that will kick your ass into shape regardless of it's short session. So no schedule modifications for me like I had the P90X3 workouts. I am going at this full force!

I began my 60 day adventure this morning with the Beachbody Performance Energize powder.

I had saved this tub from when I initially became a Beachbody coach. I bought a challenge pack and because I was so far along with P90X3 already, I decided I would hold off until I started with a new plan. And now that day has come.

As I began sipping on this lemonade-like drink, I took my Fit Test.

Here is where I stand currently:
Push-Ups (1 minute): 38
Squat Thrusts (1 minute):
Pull Ups (30 seconds): 16
Planks: 3:29

I also took my before photos, which I am so bloated in (an explanation will come in a later post).

Once done, I turned turned on Beachbody on Demand and pressed play for Cardio 1.

The format of the workout is pretty cut & dry. There are several moves they push you through and once you complete them, you repeat (some with more & some with less reps) two more times. The last few minutes are a "burnout" phase to get you sweating buckets.

I thought the moves were pretty simple, yet challenging at the same time. Does that make sense? Anyone could do the maneuvers, but they were still tough on your body. After you'd get through a few reps, you just wanted them to be over. Like the bear crawl or burpees.

Anyway, after finishing up, I was sweating profusely.

Though I LOVED the workout, it was the longest 22 minutes I have ever endured in a workout.

I took no time to go into Core 1. This is an optional workout, but because I want firm abs and it's only 10 minutes, I decided to do it.

A video posted by Lindsey (Run Freckles Run) (@runfrecklesrun) on

My only suggestion for this workout is to make sure you have the room. I did not expect to be rolling around on the floor and I surely did not have the room between my treadmill and shelf. It made the moves ineffective. I feel that if I don't think I am getting the max out of the workout in the next week, I will end up finding a new ab workout on BOD.

Once I finished day 1, I realized just how amazing the Energize powder was. I was talking a mile a minute to Peter about the workouts and how excited I was. He probably thought I was on steroids! In fact, prior to gulping it down, I thought maybe I'd skip running for yet another day. Nope! Changed my mind real quick. After finishing breakfast, we headed to Hancock to cheer on fellow runners in a marathon. Overall, we ran 4 miles and I STILL felt energized! I thought I would not order more of this stuff after I finished it up...but I may reconsider now! I bet I could totally ditch coffee for this.

So those are my thoughts on day 1! I hope to keep you guys updated on my progress and how the workouts are!

If you want to join me in doing 22 Minute Hard Corps, I'd be happy to have you jump right in to my challenge group!! Shoot me an email for more info!


  1. I looooove Energize. I have officially given up coffee for it now that I drink it every morning before my workouts. On rest days, I either still take it(!) or I use the Focused Energy Shakeology boost in my Latte shake!
    Meghan (from Team Xceler8)

    1. I haven't tried the Focused Energy boost yet. How does it compare to the Energize?

    2. Focused Energy is more of a long lasting slow burn vs. the immediate tingles from Energize. Plus Energize was really formulated to improve exercise results and minimize fatigue. This past weekend is really the only time I used Energize on a rest day since I had a lot I wanted to get done and wanted the quick hit :) Otherwise I'm much more likely to use the Focused Energy if I'm not working out.


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