This morning I did my first live post on Facebook (which I didn't delete!) at 5am this morning. Since I have been talking nonstop about this program, I just had to show you guys what 22 Minute Hard Corps is all about!

Today's workout was Cardio 2 and this one is NO JOKE. I love it more than the other workouts, but that may be because the lack of oxygen to my brain since I am huffing and puffing.

Can you guess my favorite move? Gorilla Crawls!!!

This may be considered one of the cruelest moves in the program (even Tony says that it is a bitch), but the challenge is what makes me crave the crawls! It burns my thighs and honestly, that's what they need! They are skinny sticks and need some shaping up! Sadly, my calves are almost as big as my thighs. Not attractive!!!

By the end of the workout (which is not shown), I am sweaty and on the floor gasping for air! Though that may seem like a reason not to do this workout, this one gives me a high.

I have only just made it to week 3, but I can see that 22 Minute Hard Corps is really shaping me up! I love it and am thinking about breeding it with Hammer & Chisel once I am done to get more muscle gains.

If you are interested in learning more about 22 Minute Hard Corps, hit me up by emailing me at runfrecklesrun@gmail.com! Or comment on this post! I got your back!! :)

What time do you normally do your workouts?

What workouts give you a high?

Have you ever considered doing 22 Minute Hard Corps?

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