Holy Stomach Overload!

After discussing my calorie intake with you, I have started working hard to take action! But instead of counting calories (that just stresses me out), I'm trying out those colorful containers. You know the ones! They came with my purchase of Hammer & Chisel in January.

Though I am not yet doing the program, I am going to follow their nutrition recommendations as I finish out P90X3. Since I am trying to gain muscle on top of marathon training, I calculated that I would be in the Plan C/D bracket. The calorie count was a little enticing as well!

Top to Bottom: Green, Purple, Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Teaspoons

Anyway, after our grocery visit this weekend, I put these containers to the test to measure a lot of the stuff out. And let me tell you, I was surprised at how much I was going to be eating.

I started really diving in yesterday and by the day's end, I was dying of food overload. So instead of trying to force the food into 6 meals, I'm just eating what I can, waiting an hour or 2, then eating more.

Today, I was so severely stuffed and STILL did not hit the numbers!!! I don't like being uncomfortable with my food intake, but I remind myself that it is all healthy! It would be one thing if it were fried foods, cakes, and candy, but it's ALL clean!

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It's definitely going to take some getting used to, but I am not going to give up. I have been unknowingly undereating for far too long and my stomach needs to start accomodating the food. From this, I hope to see better results and gain more energy because I have been TIRED, grouchy, and stressed out! I should have taken that as a hint a long time ago!

Better late than never I suppose!!!

If you have any questions about P90X3, Nutrition, Hammer & Chisel, or other Beachbody Programs, please email me at runfrecklesrun@gmail.com! I am a coach!!! :)

How many calories do you have in an average day?

Have you ever followed the diet recommended by Hammer & Chisel? What were your thoughts?

Have you ever used the 21 Day Fix Containers?

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  1. Diet is like a swear word in our house!

    Let's talk to Google!
    I've had my cereal +_400
    2 x roles for lunch +_500
    fruit small apple + plum +_ 120
    peanuts 500
    Dinner? I don't know what I'll eat, but last night I had a pizza. 1500
    Wine half a bottle of red 350
    what's that? about 3000 lets ask Google what I should be eating?
    OK between 2600-3000 depending on my excercise!

    I only watch what I eat the week before a big important race!

    Good Luck


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