Race Recap: The Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend - Part 1

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard that the Walt Disney World Marathon took place this past weekend. In fact, it blows my mind that it has already been a week since the 5K went down!

Before this year, I had only participated in one RunDisney race: The 2015 Walt Disney World Half Marathon. I signed up when Peter and I decided that we were taking our honeymoon in Orlando. Actually, I almost didn't get to participate since it was technically sold out, but they later reduced the amount of Goofy Challenge registrations (Half and Full marathon) and opened up the field for more half only participants! You can read more about it here.

Not long after our visit, it was quickly decided that we would be going back to Disney ASAP so I began saving up money immediately. But not only were we going to partake in a Disney race, Peter thought it would be great to sign up for the Dopey Challenge. For those of you who don't know what the Dopey Challenge entails, it's when you run all the races that are held during the WDW Marathon Weekend. That includes a 5k, 10k, half and full marathon. A total of 48.6 miles in 4 days!

Honestly, I was not completely on board with this idea,  BUT I would not let my own husband show me up. As soon as registration opened in March, we were signed up!

So FAST FORWARD to January 4th.

We flew out of Baltimore to Orlando and went straight to the expo. It was way bigger than what I remembered. Overwhelmingly big!

We went to pick up our bibs, shirts, and then look around to see if there might have been anything that would have tickled our fancy, but we ended up being super frugal. Because we aren't currently working our normal 9-5 jobs, money is to be saved, not spent! So all I ended up getting was a Dopey Challenge magnet! Besides, we received a lot with our registration!

Who needs more race shirts when they give Dopey Challengers 6!? As a challenger, you get the 5k, 10k, half, and full shirt. In addition, you also get the Goofy and Dopey Challenge shirts! I seriously never have to get another workout shirt. All these races have me set! I think they should start giving out shorts or sports bras.

After the expo, we checked in for our hotel for the evening. We ended up getting the same place we had when we went on our honeymoon, but totally upgraded on the room.

We also had an AMAZING view! We could see Epcot from our room and the fireworks from both Epcot and Magic Kingdom.

For those of you who want to know, we went to the B Resort Hotel & Spa. The room we had was the Signature Master Suite. Definitely recommend that place! They will do you right!

Anyway, enough about the hotel! Back to the recap!

We didn't go to any parks that night because for those of you who don't know, these races start really REALLY early. All of the races begin at 5:30am, with exception of the 5k, which begins at 6am. The race staff also encourages you to show up between 3-4am if you aren't being shuttled by a Disney hotel. This will allow you to beat the traffic and avoid missing the race! So getting up at 3am or sooner is not unrealistic at all! We got up at 3 and were out by 3:30.

When we arrived at the start, we had plenty of time to kill, so Peter and I stood in an incredibly long line to get pictures with Dopey.

Worth it!

And after that long wait, we were able to hop into our corrals for an additional 30 minute wait. I feel like Disney is big on long waits. Haha! But it's a small price to pay for an amazing race! Seriously.

We were in corral C, so once the gun went off, we had about 15 minutes or so until we were officially sent across the start line. They sent us off in waves rather than unleashing us all at once. These races are HUGE and I think they estimated about 12,000 runners. So in order to make sure we had a good race, they dismissed us every few minutes, just like most Rock n Roll races. Unfortunately, by the time we were given our start, I had to pee BIG TIME! But I wasn't going to stop off at a port-a-potty for a 5k. I figured I could handle it for 30 minutes or less.

As soon as I started running, my bladder was really unhappy. I had my flip belt on and my phone inside was pressed right up against it. Every step I took, it felt like my phone pressed tighter against my bladder! I swore I was going to pee myself, but I managed!

The first mile of the race was outside of Epcot on some of the streets surrounding the parking lot. It wasn't the most entertaining place to be, but they had to make it a 5k somehow without overcrowding runners by doing circles in the parks.

It was all made up for once you entered Epcot! You were welcomed with Disney songs, character stops, and the feels (for me anyway). I belted out lyrics to my favorite songs, posed for a ton of photos, and forgot all about my urgency to use the bathroom.

At one point I asked Peter "Is it weird that I'm kinda getting emotional?" He replied without any hesitation, "Yes."

We finished the race in about 30 minutes, which was well-above what we are capable of, but we had to remind ourselves to hold back for the races ahead. We still needed to have plenty of fuel in the tank to get us through 3 more races. Especially the full marathon! It wouldn't be a true Dopey Challenge without finishing!

But surprises were ahead that would make this weekend very unique!

Stay tuned for Part 2 where I go through the 10K, Half, and Full Recap!!!

Recipe Time: Maple BBQ Sauce

When I was first introduced to this recipe in the Core De Force meal plan, I knew it would be one of the first things I made. It was so easy and surprisingly delicious for being a "healthy" recipe. We now make it regularly to have it with chicken, on pizzas or topped on burgers.

Screw store bought! This is just as tasty and cuts out all the junk!

I tried my hand at making a recipe video like you see on Facebook. As you can tell, I'm definitely an amateur. My camera stand kept losing grip of the cabinet! But, you gotta start somewhere!

Here's a card you can download (click to enlarge) so you can save this to your go-to recipe arsenal.

Do you like BBQ Sauce?

What is your favorite way to enjoy BBQ Sauce?

30 Day Results & How To Earn Money this January


I've been keeping my whereabouts under wraps, but I am itching to tell you about my last 30 days! If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you've seen that I've been fully submerged in an MMA/kickboxing, extravaganza and now, I can tell you all about it because my 30 days ended earlier this week!

It has been an INTENSE month to say the least! No sooner than I received my program package, I was jumping into an all-in challenge group.

When I say "all-in" I mean, following the program as laid out with absolutely NO CHEATING. That means no cookies, no alcohol, no eating out, and then some! All I had to depend on was my workout calendar and my portion containers.

If you haven't seen these containers before, these originated from a workout program developed by Autumn Calabrese called 21 Day Fix. It is all about making sure that you get perfect portions of your food groups for your weight, activity level, and goals. I've been following this plan for some time now, but this would be the first time that I didn't have cheating involved. So, to say the least, this was going to be hard for me.

The program was also a bit intimidating. It's Beachbody's newest program, Core De Force. The reason I cringed at ordering this workout is because my 12 year old self HATED anything that involved punching and kicking. Why? Well, when I was overweight and struggled with my self-image, I would go into my basement every day after school and try this kickboxing workout that my mom had. And I sucked!

I was and still am not well-coordinated. My brain has to work pretty hard to get a combination down. So it was very frustrating to a young girl who just wanted to fit in with her peers to try to finish this workout. Typically, I would give up before the workout was over and eventually, my trips to the basement stopped.

Taking on Core De Force was a way for me to prove to myself that I am not the same person any more and I do not give up as easily, even if it was doing something I am not particularly well-skilled in.

Here's what's inside.

The workout calendar was pretty simple. You had your MMA days, which I would have considered your "cardio" days. Then there were your strength and sculpt days, which by the name would tell you they were more of your resistance or strength workouts. They would alternate between the two for 6 days then, on the 7th day, you'd have what they would call the "active recovery" day. This is where you'd take a quick 10 minutes to warm your body up, then another 10 minutes to stretch it out. Every Thursday (or 5th day in the week), the MMA workout would progress, meaning it would get a little harder until you topped out with MMA Plyo.

Each workout, with exception of Active Recovery, was organized into 3 minute rounds. Depending on the workout, you'd have between 6-12 rounds (usually between 30-47 minutes in total length). In addition to your MMA and strength workouts, you would also add abdominal workouts as the weeks progressed. One was a 15 minute ab workout called Core Kinetics, while the other was a 5 minute ab challenge called 5 Minute Core on the Floor. For those of you who have ever done Ab Ripper X from P90X, think of Core Kinetics being right up there with it! But I think I may love this one a little more! :)

The first workout on my 30 day journey was MMA Speed. As I flayed around like a injured horse, that familiar feeling of frustration and self-doubt surfaced. I thought that if I couldn't put these combinations together, how was I going to have a good workout? I was already determining my results from day 1 without making it through the first workout. But I still proceeded with the second workout.

I found that after getting the initial sucky workout out of the way, I did 10x better the second time through. And that's how it went for most of the workouts. I sucked the first time through, then did way better the second time! And let me tell you, these combinations will make you feel so BADASS once you get them down.

I would find myself smiling during the workouts.

Despite days going just over an hour of working out, the time flew because I was genuinely having fun! But it still doesn't make the program any less of a challenge.

I started seeing results within 5 days. And after 30, I was floored!

I have always believed in seeing results in 60-90 days, but I couldn't believe the results I saw after just 30! I sure as hell wasn't perfect at this workout, but I tried every single day to get better and I think it shows!

This will definitely be a program I revisit in the near future and I hope that you plan on joining me!

In January, I will actually be running a challenge group where you can have the opportunity to GET PAID for working out and being healthy!

To qualify, you must...
• Download the My Challenge Tracker App on your iPhone or Android Phone. I will be providing instructions via email as we get closer to the challenge.
• You must log at least 3 workouts per qualification week in the app.
• You must log at least 5 Shakeology uses accompanied by a picture of the shake.

As long as you have logged all 3 workouts and all 5 Shakeology by 11:59pm pst at the end of each week (1/15, 1/22, 1/29, and 2/5) you will qualify for the cash prize.

Right now, Core De Force & Shakeology are being sold at a discount of $140 (regular $160), but this ends on December 31st and you will never be able to purchase for that discounted cost again. So it is important to act now if you want to try Core De Force AND Shakeology! Fill out the form here and we will get ya set ASAP!
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