Race Recap: The Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend - Part 3

Moving and traveling across country is tough! Doing a video blog proved to be a lot easier for me during this time in my life!!!

The Goodbye Run

This was my "Goodbye Run" at the C&O Canal.

Though some may say that the canal is flat, boring, and repetitive, I find it beautiful and adventurous. I've logged thousands of miles on this path in the past 5 years so it is needless to say I've gotten to know the area very well.

I know it so well that I can point out which tree stump, campground or rock marks a mile in any direction where I start.

The canal helped me grow from running 3 miles to 50 in those 5 years. I remember running my first 10k in Williamsport thinking I was so badass then! But in a year's time, I was able to run my first marathon from Clear Spring to Taylor's Landing.

However, that was still a far cry from where I ended up just over a year ago. I ran 30 miles in preparation for the JFK 50.

Not all my runs on the canal were perfect, however. There were days it where flooded and prevented me from going far.

Or it would get icy and the concrete portion of the canal at Big Slackwater would be very dangerous.

There were also days the weather was perfect, but I managed to trip and bang up my knee (the day Peter proposed).

Speaking of Peter, once he started running, the both of us took many dates to the canal.

It led him to run longer distances. He has now run 3 marathons, most of which were trained for on the canal.

The canal has become a part of who I am. So today, when I ran knowing it would be the last time I would be as a Maryland resident, it was very hard for me. The canal has become that friend that I've shared good times and bad. It has seen my laughter, my tears, my pain, and my victories. I've spent countless hours on this stretch of land. More than some of my friends have probably seen me! Though it may sound terrible, it's true and further proves why I will miss it so much!

But life goes on. There will be more "canals" that I will find in San Diego, I'm sure. Also, I will come back to visit so it's not like I will never run here again.

Still, it was almost as if it was my security blanket path. I felt very comfortable here and now I have to learn to trust another path with new people. Goodbye, comfort zone! But this is an opportunity for me to grow as a person. This will be a good thing.

Anyway, here's some memories from my final C&O Canal run...until next time. Peace out!

Race Recap: The Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend - Part 2

On to day 2 of the marathon weekend!

After having an amazing 1st race, we were amped to get the ball rolling on our 10K. I had no idea what to expect for this one as I did not previously research the course, but I knew that Disney wouldn't let me down!

Unlike the day before, this race started at 5:30am, 30 minutes earlier than the 5K. With that said, you would think that I would have either woken up at the same time, if not earlier. Ha! Peter and I actually overslept by a few. But it wasn't anything that threatened us from being on time. Thankfully, we both had our belongings laid out the night before.

I LOVED my tank. I was so gracious that my old team at work had given this to me as a going-away gift. They know how much running is apart of my life and that I would be running in Disney just days after I left there for good. So I had to do them right and wear it. It fit perfect and I think I look great in yellow! ;-)

The race seemed to be about the same in size. I actually think there were fewer runners participating, but not by much. We were still in corral H and the start began much like it had for the 5k. Corrals were released in waves, only I think they went a lot quicker this time. Before we knew it, we were off!!

This race, I remembered to use the bathroom just before getting into my corral. I also drank less that morning to avoid my full bladder because that was a huge downer from the day before. Running on a full bladder is super uncomfortable!

But anyway, this race didn't go as I expected. Sure, I was feeling good, but the course was pretty bland. I mentioned something to Peter about it and another runner also commented on it in the same way. We were running on long, dark roads outside of Epcot with nothing more than some lit up mile markers an large TV screens playing music and video from time to time. I was a little disappointed in that aspect. I knew that we were going to be entering Epcot, which would make up for this, but I would have never signed up for the 10K to race alone. I would have been very disappointed as a runner that only did this race.

As I expected, entering Epcot around mile 4 definitely made up for it. I had the same euphoric sensation as I ran through the park, music blaring, and me singing Let It Go at the top of my lungs.

Peter and I finished in an hour.

Like I said, I would never run this particular race during the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend unless I was doing it as a challenge. I mean, running through Epcot was great, but this race was basically the 5K with an extra 3 miles of running around dark streets.

Sorry, I couldn't bring a more thrilling account of this particular race, but stay tuned! There is a surprising twist of events to come!
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